Earring Care

I want your earrings to last as long as possible! Possibly forever. I want archeologists to uncover these earrings and puzzle over them as an ancient relic. So, let's talk earring care.

* Don't wear them to bed. 

* Don't leave them in your purse or bag.

* Don't shower or swim while rocking your bling. You might lose the back, they might get tangled in your hair, it's just for the best all around.

* If your earrings need cleaning, a little rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip will work fine. If the earrings have been silk screened, you have to use laser precision, because it could accidentally rub the paint off. 

* Don't accidentally leave them on the floor. Either you will step on them, or your dog will step on them, and it will be a Big Dramatic Scene (speaking from personal experience)