Meet The Artist



Hey, Jazz Cats!!

My name is Michael (pronounced like the “traditionally” boy’s name), and I make polymer clay earrings. I worked in theater before coming to clay, and still remain a thorough theater nerd - despite all my best efforts. I also love to read, buy books that I’ve yet to read, and pet dogs. I also love to cook beyond by actual talent level (my stove has seen so much failure) and watch The Great British Baking Show every night before bed even though I can’t bake to save my life, and don’t even like baked goods. 

My journey with polymer clay started because when my beloved musician father passed, I inherited (musician kids will understand) $500 bucks and his immense record collection. I used the $500 for a bed in the back office for my Mom to come over and stay the night whenever she wanted.

I couldn’t listen to Dad’s music, but I found that I could listen to the records, and it was a nice way to bond with Dad from afar. I would listen to an album while playing with clay. He introduced me to the deep tracks of Sonny Rollins, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Johnny Guitar Watson, so much Frank Sinatra I can’t count, underground punk of the 80s, so much classical, etc etc etc etc.

Listening to these albums, and every time working with clay while I did - I got pretty good by record #43, really good by #67 and by the time I got to #103, I had so many freakin’ earrings I had to figure out what the hell to do with them. So, I decided to pick up the ol’ family trade and sign up for a festival.

I couldn’t believe it - people actually were buying them. Things I made with my own hands! To wear on their body!

They kept buying, I kept making, and now it seems I have a little business called Jazz House. 

I like to showcase jazz history, artists and educate folks on the masterminds of yesteryear. I hope you’ll join our Instagram community and follow the jazz appreciation journey with all of us!