Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What are the earrings made from?

A: The earrings all all made out of polymer clay. It's a great medium to work with, and the earrings are extremely light. 

Q: What kind of metals do you use?

A: All stainless steel and nickel-free. 

Q: What's this clear glaze on the back?

A: That is a thin layer of liquid clay. I use it to secure the post so that as little metal touches your ears as possible. I know a lot of people have sensitive lobes!

Q: Do you make these all yourself?

A: Yep, just me, myself, and I! Well, sometimes I let the kids work the pasta maker (which is used to flatten the clay and make it uniform in shape). So I have tiny assistants who sometimes weasel their way into helping.

Q: Will these get ruined in the rain?

A: No, they'll be fine. But carry an umbrella anyway, I am more concerned with your hair and clothes not getting soggy.  

Q: Can you make clip-ons?

A: Absolutely! Just shoot me a note and let me know what kind of earrings you'd like, and I'll get you clipped up and looking fabulous.

Q: Isn't polymer technically a plastic? Are these bad for the environment?

A: Polymer IS technically a plastic, yes. And not a single piece of clay is wasted. The scraps from a slab are used to either mix a new color, or used to funk up the next slab. Please take care of your earrings, so that you never have to throw them out. If you take really great care of them, your great-great grandkids will be wearing ancient, funky accessories of yore. 

Q: These are awesome, but can I pull them off?

A: STOP THAT. RIGHT NOW. Let me make this simple: if you put them on your body, you're pulling them off. And you look fantastic. If something makes you happy by looking at it, imagine how happy you'll feel wearing it! 

Q: Do you make customs?

A: I love to do custom requests! Zip me a message with any ideas you may have. If it's not something I'm able to do, I'll hook you up with an artist that fits your style best!

Q: How do I contact you?




You can also just send me good vibes through the universe.

Q: How do I care for the earrings?

I want your earrings to last as long as possible! Possibly forever. I want archeologists to uncover these earrings and puzzle over them as an ancient relic. So, let's talk earring care.

* Don't wear them to bed. 

* Don't leave them in your purse or bag.

* Don't shower or swim while rocking your bling. You might lose the back, they might get tangled in your hair, it's just for the best all around.

* If your earrings need cleaning, a little rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip will work fine. If the earrings have been silk screened, you have to use laser precision, because it could accidentally rub the paint off. 

* Don't accidentally leave them on the floor. Either you will step on them, or your dog will step on them, and it will be a Big Dramatic Scene (speaking from personal experience)

Q: Who is the best jazz artist of all time?

A: Ella Fitzgerald, no contest.